1. What is the contact number for any general enquiries?
  2. Where will the assessment centres be held?
    • Assessment centres will be held virtually this season.

  3. Do you sponsor work permits?
    • We are only able to accept applications from people with right to work in the EU.

  4. Can I apply to multiple roles?
    • Please note that you are only permitted to make one application for the Graduate Programme although you will be able to list on your application form a second preferred business function.

  5. If I am rejected from the process can I reapply?
    • You can only apply once in each application year. If you were unsuccessful in 2020/21 you can apply for the 2022 programme.

  6. When will I find out the location I have been assigned to?
    • This will be at the offer stage, candidates must be flexible with travel and relocation as we offer a European Programme and Kerry operates in over 25 countries globally.

  7. Do you offer internships / placements / work experience / work shadowing?
    • We work in partnership with certain Universities in offering placements. Placement opportunities are advertised through University Careers Services

  8. Can I receive feedback from the process if my application is rejected?
    • Due to the high volume of applications we only provide feedback to the candidates who have attended the assessment centre

  9. I have submitted my application form however there are changes with my contact details, can I change this?
    • Yes you can, you will need to log onto the system to complete this

  10. I have submitted my application with my grades from education however I have additional information to send, can I send this?
  11. Will the interview be in English?
    • Yes the all parts of the recruitment process including the interview will be conducted in English

  12. Can I send my CV without filling in the on-line application form?
    • No, all applications need to be submitted via our recruitment system.

  13. Is there a deadline to submit the on-line application form?
    • If you are looking to commence employment by September 2022 we recommend submitting your application as early as possible.

  14. I have encountered problems with my on-line tests, can I retake the test?
  15. My cv is not attaching on the recruitment system, what can I do?
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