ICT Graduate

I joined the IT Graduate Programme after graduating from Business Information Systems. On the IT Graduate Programme, I have been working on the KerryConnect project, which rolls out our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, SAP to Kerry sites all over the world. SAP allows us to see the data in all SAP live sites from a central location. It helps our business leaders make more informed decisions.

My IT Graduate role revolved around working for the functional users, helping them trace what happens to their data when they load it from its legacy format into a format that is aligned with the SAP system. Development is managed globally from here so it gave me exposure to all KerryConnect releases ongoing at that time, including those in Listowel, Charleville, Nantong, Murrarrie, central and South America.  It was an interesting challenge understanding both the needs of the users and the limitations/abilities of the program. Requirements change slightly for every release so it required a mixture of understanding and obedience of good development practices. 

My second and current role on the IT Graduate Programme is also involved in the KerryConnect project. It relates to Price Margin Management. This position has opened a lot of travel opportunities. In the last few months I have been on site in Ireland and Mexico, with plans to support releases in Brazil and Costa Rica.

The IT graduate program itself has been a great support net for me. The graduate mentor provides a senior leader in the business to act as a sound board and confidant for helping you identify and achieve the goals you have set for yourself, be those short or longer-term goals. There are also training sessions at one of Ireland’s leading executive schools which allow you to work with all other graduates. These sessions allow you to learn a broad range of skills such as time-management, presentation, end-use markets research and how to deal with other personalities in general.

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