Operations Graduate

On the Operations Graduate Programme, you are introduced to a plant’s process which may be something that you haven’t seen before such as fermentation, spray drying and evaporation but they take the time to introduce you to the different people within the plant so that you can go through their functions and understand the process flow within the plant. As an Operations Graduate, I am given a lot of responsibility in a really fast-paced environment but not before I have been given the essential training to help me walk before I can run. I have a direct impact on the production output of my facility which is something unheard of for a recent college graduate. I am seen as someone who is keen and ready to dive into the daily challenges and this is reflected by site management who involve me in the important meetings revolving around various production issues.

The opportunity to travel is great, as well. I recently moved from Ireland to the States to work on our sister site there. This has boosted my experience, knowledge base and an opportunity to learn more about the food industry.

On the Graduate programme, I am a production supervisor responsible for the running of a shift of 12 operators in my plant. I ensure that daily targets are met and production have everything they need to get the job done. I act as an essential communication point between supply chain, management, engineering and maintenance. Problem-solving is essential to my role and I am constantly working with teams to prevent breakdowns from re-occurring and looking for opportunities to improve other areas by preventing and removing bottle necks within a plant and looking after the safety of my operators.

Kerry Graduates